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This page is not yet finished... (Actually, it never will be).


2019-08-25: gsar 1.50 released, new string entry method. Support for wide characters (little-endian) and raw hex
2018-02-15: maintenance
2017-12-08: added email address
2015-10-18: new hosting since removed support for customers web pages
2010-08-25: fdf 1.06 released, bugfix, wrong compare function used in in set delete.
2009-10-10: Added the definite Don Doko Don guide by Anthony Greulich and Carl Chavez
2008-12-24: ST-V MODBIOS 1.11 by Joerg Hartenberger released for personal use
2008-09-09: dwsr 1.00 finally released, dwsr stands for: DiscWorld Sample Ripper


All are archived using zip, and include full source and DOS/WIN32 executables. Most of these compile under Unix as well.


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