Identifying an original Bubble Bobble PCB

Written by Tormod Tjaberg

Last update: 2006-05-20

Image of the 68701 protection MCU


The intent of this page is to provide pictures and information which will help you identify an original Bubble Bobble PCB.

The original game consists of two PCB's connected together with a ribbon cable at the back. The ribbon connector should have a label called 'R' printed on the PCB itself near the connector on both of the PCB's. At the front you will find the edge connector 'G' and the pin connector 'H'. The G connector is used to connect the video and player controls while the 'H' connector supplies power to the game.

The original PCB has one distinct feature: the protection chip. This is a 40 pin 68701 MCU with a silk screened image of a little dragon. Refer to the image above.

Another thing to look for is the rather large and bulky hybrid which is situated close to the jumper block A & B block which in turn is close to the 'G' connector.

All ROM's should be labeled A78 with a suffix. A78 is the board number used by Taito to identify this PCB.

BB PCB Top BB PCB Bottom
These images were done by Anthor64

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