DonDokoDon has some of the weirdest bosses i've ever seen. Hurling knocked-out pigs at a crown-wearing cow just cracks me up. And the music that plays during the battle -- Too weird.   =o) back to main

The Bosses
First Boss - Level 10 & Level 60

This pumpkin will spin its roots in a circle while the pumpkins on the tips breath fire that ignite the floors.

There is a safe spot on the second platform from the bottom on the left where you can stand, knock off, and fling the smaller pumpkins as they circle around.

Second Boss - Level 20 & Level 70

This bouncing baking bear flings explosive bubble gums while mice come through the top two doors to attack you. Throw the unconscience mice at the bear in order to move on to level 21.

On the last hit, the bear will explode. Be ready to catch his hat for 1000 points.

Third Boss - Level 30 & Level 80

This Crab will extends its claws to try and kill you. It sends out smaller crabs to try and get you as well.

First remove the ice blocks by smashing them with your hammer. From there, knock out the baby crabs that chase you. Pick them up and aim for the giant crab's shell.

Forth Boss - Level 40 & Level 90

This Magician will spin in circles and bounce around. Watch out for his extended range with that wand.

Balloons will float from the bottom of the screen and pop by themselves to unleash fuzzy pink bunnies. Knock a bunny out and fling it at the magician. Just a few more hits and off to the castle you go.

Fifth Boss - Level 50 & Level 100

Thought this was Dracolisk (from The Fairyland Story) at first... Missing a pair of arms though.

This guy will try to burn you while card guards try to kill you as well. Knock out the guards and hurl them at this dragon's face and torso.

Final Boss - Level 101

I'm not really sure what to make of this evil cow king. He'll fling out pink circular blobs that turn into pigs with wings... Weird. Just weird.

Bop the pigs with your hammer and toss 'em at the evil cow king. After a few hits the cow curse will break, and he'll turn back into the King of Marry Land!!