DonDokoDon has the oddest characters you'll ever play against in a game... Unless it's another taito game you're playing. =o) So anyway, here's a list of the characters you'll see in DonDokoDon. back to main

DonDokoDon Characters    (Arcade)
Bob - Player one character.
Jim - Player two character.
Kinokong & Kinokons - Kinokong either breaths fire or shakes out Kinokons from his head.
Pigumn - Doesn't move and throws a boomerang.
Rabit - Bounces at you.
Iwanger - Leaps in the air. You really have to whack away at this guy to kill him.
Rapet - Usually come at you in hordes.
Cookman - Tries to bonk you on the head with a large spoon.
Rakot A - Slides jam along the floor (making it slick).
Rakot B - Throws pies at you to stun you for a bit.
Rakot C - Throws exploding cakes at you.
Eatong - Either walks around licking a lolly pop or flies in the air throwing spears down at you.
Iety - Walks around slowly.
Pegon - Tries to hit you with ice blocks.
Hiruda - Tries to freeze you with a magic wand.
Crystal-Man - Throws swords at you.
Pieron - Releases two beach balls which turn into two more Pierons.
King & Kards - The King summons Kards out to kill you.
Golem - Throws boulders at you.
Minimam - Hit it, and it splits into 2 smaller versions of itself. (Does this twice)
Chaos - Can block your hammer blows with a shield.
Bishop - Tries to smash you from above with large green crystals shot out from his magic wand.
Worm - Tries to eat you using its long tongue. (Can feed it baddies if you time it right)