In 1989, Taito released the DonDokoDon arcade game. A year later, a PCEngine version of the game came into existence. The PCEngine game is pretty much a dumbed-down version of the original. It's okay, but lacks the great graphics and a few features found on the Arcade version. For example, to get the code in order to reach the good ending you have to find 4 crystal balls in the Arcade version. The PCEngine version just gives you the code as soon as you get the bad ending. back to main

The Story
Two guys with large mallets begin the journey to rescue a princess Two guys (Bob and Jim) with large mallets attempt to rescue a princess that is captured by an evil cow and taken (by a flying pig pulled chariot) to the top of a castle.
After a long (50 levels) journey the two heroes defeat a giant purple dragon at the top of the castle and free the princess who was imprisoned in a very big bottle. Apparently the giant purple dragon was the mastermind behind everything, not the cow.
So then what's the deal with the cow, you ask?... Well, it turns out the cow is actually the King of Marry Land! Unfortunately, he has been cursed and it is now up to the two heroes to free him from that bovinesque spell.
Fortunately, during the journey to save the princess, Bob and Jim bumped into a wizard that had provided directions on how to start their new quest to save the King.
note: In the PCEngine version it's the princess that provides directions on how to start their new quest.
So anyway, the princess is captured once again by the giant purple dragon and the two heroes must battle through many levels (51-100) to free the princess from the evil purple dragon.
And as for the cow?.. Well, immediately after rescuing the princess, for the second time, the two heroes leap super high into the clouds and run into none other than the cow. While in the room in the clouds, they do the logical thing and hurl pigs at the cow until the spell is broken. Hurray!!!
Sunlight soon breaks through the dark clouds hanging over the castle and the king thanks the two heroes for restoring peace to Marry Land.
PCEngine Ending Arcade Ending

DonDokoDon Hints & Tips
Collect the Crystal Balls
On the first journey, make sure that Bob and Jim find all four crystal balls. If they do, the wizard will use them to create the stone plate which gives the password used to get to the levels that eventually lead to the king.

In the PCEngine version of the game, the princess will give you the password instead of the wizard. She'll do this once you save her for the first time.

The Hidden Rooms (Arcade)
Grab a key to open a door to a hidden room. A key is located on a spot in the level where when Bob or Jim swings their hammer a flash appears out of nowhere. Keep swinging at that spot and eventually the key will appear.
Secret room provides a crystal ball and/or a way to the Reverse rounds (levels 51-101).
Bonus Game room provides the opportunity for extra lives or points.
level 01secret roomlevel 06
level 05bonus gamelevel 06
level 12secret roomlevel 17
level 16bonus gamelevel 17
level 23secret roomlevel 28
level 27bonus gamelevel 28
level 32secret roomlevel 37
level 36bonus gamelevel 37
level 43secret roomlevel 48
level 47bonus gamelevel 48
level 52bonus gamelevel 57
level 63bonus gamelevel 68
level 72bonus gamelevel 77
level 84bonus gamelevel 89
level 94bonus gamelevel 99

The Password
Look at the last two images to the right for the passwords.
Where to enter the password:
Arcade: In the first secret room, you'll find a key on the top left of the level. Grab the key and another door will appear that will take you to where you can enter the password.
PCEngine: the first secret room on the Arcade version is where you enter the password for the PCEngine version.
The wizard helps you find the king in the Arcade.

The princess helps you find the king in the PCEngine.