Rainbow Islands Extra Hints

The first three hints are in English but the last 3 are in Japanese.

Hint A

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Hint B

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Hint C

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Hint D

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Once you've gone through all 10 hidden rooms you'll get 5,000,000
points if you've continued, if you didn't have to continue you'll
get 10,000,000 points. So it's a lot more economical to go through
without getting any power-ups (1 - 9)!
You can get 1,000,000 points in hidden rooms 1 - 9, and if you don't
get any in any of the rooms from 1 to 9, you'll get 50,000,000 more
points! If you take care of/eliminate/whatever 40 levels
without codes or power-ups, then you'll get an extra 3,00,000 points!
Try for 100,000,000!

Hint E

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The hidden codes have all changed! There are 13 in all! The
codes for the hidden rooms is made up of the first character and
one other character, and the rest are blank/asterisks/circles/whatever.
This "one other character" is different each time and its location
changes, but it's related to the color of a certain something.
Break Hint F's password!

Hint F

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Powerups are related in some way to the color of a certain
something. If you figure it out you'll have tons more fun planning
your strategies and fighting! Break the password!


Comments on this:
As we know from hint D, we can get bonus points if we do not collect
any power-up items. The solution to the password is actually the names
of all the Bubble Bobble monsters, with a letter missing in each name:

PUPUL-PULPUL (letter is L)
BNEBOU-BANEBOU (letter is A)
MONSA-MONSTA (letter is T)
RUNK-DRUNK (letter is D)
NVADER-INVADER (letter is I)
MIGHT-MIGHTA (letter is A)

So, the power-up item is attached to the LAST DIAmonds which you get
during worlds. As we know from Hint E, most characters for the secret
commands are hidden. So you have to clear seven times if you want
to know the counter-up code (which is RRSSJJJJ).

Translations kindly done by Tomato

Password solution by Steven Tjasink, Rainbow Islands Info Pages